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Vidya Jothi

The Journey 2019

VJ Trip


The Vj yearly trip took place this year on 30th April. It was a one day trip and all the children except Sivamma were there on this day.The children visited the historic city of mysore and the nearby Sri Rangapatnam. The day was filled with visits to the palace, the old philomena’s church and the zoo. The children also visited the shopping malls in the city which was very new to them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They had different kinds of food and totally had a great time together. In the evening they returned back to divine house to rest and have a night together.

Sandra’ Visit

On 29th June sandra from Germany visited Thalavadi and there was a programme with the VJ children. It is a very signi ficant day because of the inclusion of the five new children to the VJ family. It was a great evening filled with reunion, fun and new beginnings. Some of the parents of the VJ children also joined the meeting and supported the programme. Sandra also held a meeting with the older girls about their hygiene and self care instructions which the children were very much eager to know.

New Children

This year there are five new children coming into the VJ family, four girls and one boy. They are all in their middle school and are aged around 11 to 13 years old. The children are from very poor and dis functional families and they belong to scheduled tribes and scheduled castes. The need of these children for help and care is great and they deserve all of it.